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The Magnetic Compass Adjuster course is conducted by experienced faculty who has been doing adjustment out at sea. After going through the course, candidates gain enough confidence to carry out adjustments in ship’s magnetic compass to eliminate / reduce compass error due to ship’s induced magnetism (deviation). The course also covers magnetic compass repairs in detail.

As per OCIMF guidelines, compass developing more than 3 degrees deviation from the last recorded deviation curve should be re-adjusted, hence a finding in vetting inspection. Also a deviation more than 5 degrees on any heading needs to be readjusted. Ship managers spend a lot of money to hire a compass adjuster to do adjustment to magnetic compass to close the SIRE finding.  Magnetic Compass Adjuster course enables ship’s officer to carry out the adjustment themselves and keep compass calibrated to avoid SIRE findings.

According to AMSA, failure to maintain a magnetic compass in a good working order or to monitor deviations may result in a vessel being delayed or detained, and the vessel owner and/or Master can potentially be prosecuted.

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