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The Course addresses a range of subject areas, ranging from the legislative framework, to the technical and scientific aspects of Hazardous & Noxious Substance, contingency planning, response options and media awareness.

The course is available for both the Operational Level, aimed at First Responders, Supervisors and On-Scene Commanders, and the Manager Level, aimed at Administrators and Senior Managers.

Operational Level: First responders, Supervisors and On-Scene Commanders

The prime purpose of this course is to provide a first introduction to the essential elements of HNS response. The objective is to provide outline knowledge of the principles and issues associated with responding to HNS spills. This course is a one day introduction which provides a basic grounding in the topic.

This introductory day requires no previous knowledge or experience of spill response and will include descriptions of the procedures and equipment employed in the response to oil spillage incidents.

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