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2.5 hours

What is ‘FlexiiMind Mental Well-being for Leaders’ course?

‘FlexiiMind Mental Well-being for Leaders’ - is a 2.5 hour** corporate mental well-being training session tailored for leaders within organisations, delivered via an interactive live stream. This course will offer a modern, evidence-based approach to mental well-being in the workplace. It recognises that leaders encounter the same, real-life stresses and difficulties that all of us, as humans, inevitably come across, in one form or another, but find it hard to talk about. Based on strong research evidence in world-wide occupational settings, ‘Flexiimind Mental Well-being for Leaders’ encourages an openness to the fact we all have a mental health, and that with practice, we can develop a flexibility to help us meet the demands of our busier, and more modern ways of working. This course undermines the basis for stigma in mental health, offering you and your employees different ways of living meaningful work and home lives, alongside the ups and downs that you may face in your environment.

  • Tailored for leaders and managerial personnel
  • A starting point for any company wishing to implement a full mental-well-being programme
  • Embeds key mental well-being values and processes into the management structure
  • This is not a ‘tick box’ exercise for your business -  you are creating real change from day one
  • Provides you with tools to reduce stigma and shame around mental well-being  
  • Helps you develop a more compassionate company culture and build better staff relationships  
  • Enables you to develop your firm into one that staff feel supported by
  • Can improve your bottom-line by lowering your staff turnover and help prevent accidents
  • Developed and delivered by a high-profile Consultant Clinical Psychologist and mental well-being specialist
  • Confidential support available for individuals after session, with Clinical Psychologist, for discussion and signposting where necessary

Key problem

Mental well-being in the workplace is increasingly seen as a priority. Industry research shows that good psychological health in the workplace is associated with lower staff turnover, fewer accidents and an improved working environment.  Despite the current spike in open conversations about mental well-being, the issue still lies with the present stigma attached to the phrase 'mental health'. This leads to the labelling of people and having a reactive approach, instead of looking at the bigger picture and well-being culture in general. Front line employees are also unlikely to look after themselves and make their mental well-being a priority if well-being culture is not supported and promoted by the organisation itself. 

‘FlexiiMind Mental Well-being for Leaders’ as a whole workforce approach – starting at the top! 

To achieve meaningful change in any organisation, it needs to start with the leaders. Front line employees have to be led, inspired and encouraged by the management and leader of a company, who can show their policies and day to day procedures reflect their beliefs. Research shows that companies whose leaders invest in their own mental well-being, are able to see many more benefits through their mental well-being strategies in terms of sickness absence, staff turnover and the all-important commercial success. In business, mental well-being is everyone’s business.  At FlexiiMind, we know that every person matters, including – and starting with - those in charge.

Live stream and interaction

We are aware that cost of any training consists of various elements. It is also known that peripheral costs of travel and accommodation make up the biggest proportion of the expense of accessing training, with the costs of the course itself being the smallest part. We also appreciate that time is extremely valuable in your business’s day to day life. FlexiiMind brings the class to you, wherever you are - at home or at your desk, or in your garden. We deliver the high-quality classroom experience you need, through the live streamed interactive training, saving you both time and money.

  • Connectivity
    LIVE stream via 2 way camera system (stream via your desktop, tablet or phone wherever you are – at your desk or at home). No cost of accommodation and travel
  • Tools
    Follow the class during the real-time live feed and participate, just like in a classroom-based training. There are various tools used during the training session – private and public chats, live discussions, white board, presentations, polls and surveys, Q&A sessions, videos and so much more
  • 2-Way camera interaction
    Bring our presenter to your room. Activate your camera allowing a 2-way interaction and engagement. Have conversations and share your opinion with the presenter and other participants
  • Live guidance and questions
    Talk to your presenter, ask questions and receive real time guidance during your class. Utilise private chats, as well as public to receive personal private guidance and support


About the presenter

Dr Rachel Glynn-Williams is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over twenty years experience in providing psychological therapy, training and consultation within a health and organisational setting. She is the Clinical Director and Founder of Seaways Psychology Services, a company providing the full range of services and interventions to support crew and staff within the maritime industry. Rachel combines her first-hand experience and insight into the shipping industry with a strong track record in providing the best care for each of her clients whether they be individuals, groups or organisations.


Individual booking -  £199+VAT (excludes VAT)
Discounts available for group bookings (5 people and more). For group bookings, bespoke packages and invoices, please contact sales@flexiilife.com

** Due to the interactive nature of this course session times will vary. This is an approximate time.


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