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About Us 

Stream Marine Training is a specialist provider of training and consultancy services to the global maritime, oil and gas, renewables and construction sectors.

Our offerings cover a wide range of industry accredited and customer-specific courses that address mandatory safety subjects, in addition to competence-based training that is required for a range of safety critical activities and industrial tasks.

Our team comprises experienced former ex-mariners, offshore managers and learning and competence specialists, supported by a highly experienced management team. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and we pride ourselves on offering the most innovative and flexible value proposition to our customers, delivered at the most competitive overall value package available in the market.

Our business is split into three segments in order for us to be able to focus on the need within each market and provide the highest standard of service,  training and consultancy.

Stream Marine Saftey and Survival Training     |     Stream Marine Technical Training      |     Stream Marine Careers

Value Proposition 

SMT is a world class provider of fire-fighting, sea survival, survival craft, HSE training, Maritime LNG and various other training products to the global maritime, oil and gas, renewables and construction industries.
1. Key to everything we do is that our customers’ requirements come first.
2. Flexibility and attention to detail are both very important elements of our service provision.
3. We optimise the efficiency of the training supply chain such that all elements required for training – pre-requisite learning, the course itself, transportation, accommodation, sustenance, certification and all elements of delegate welfare – are provided to cater for each customer’s specific requirements

Our headquarters are located at Glasgow International Airport, with easy access via air, rail or road and with a wide selection of hotels available on campus. Delivering optimal value for our customers is fundamental to our value proposition, so whether this means creating customised or combined courses, training in the evenings and over weekends, training on vessels or operating assets anywhere in the world, or gaining third party certification for a customer’s in-housetraining course, we will always find the most effective way for our customers to train their personnel to the required standard whilst minimising the spend required.


Customer service and delegate welfare are key to everything we do and we take particular pride in offering exceptional service to all customers and delegates that we interact with. This can mean attention to the specific dietary requirements of delegates, or accommodating specific needs for anyone with any disabilities, or assistance for people who may struggle with written English, or simply making sure that any delegate on any course who feels nervous or stressed in a physical training environment is provided with the one-to-one care that they need to be successful.

We also take ownership of training delivery for our customers, such that we will manage the entire process of booking all delegates, ensuring their existing certification is valid for the course they are going to attend, managing them through the training and ensuring their certification is in order for their next trip. This management service ensures our customers can focus on their core business, while we take full ownership for ensuring the compliance of all of their personnel, vessels and assets.


All aspects of SMT’s operations are performed in accordance with our Management System and the rigours of the ISO standard, in addition to the strict regulatory requirements of training approval bodies such as MCA and MNTB. Quality is at the heart of our business and we welcome feedback from visitors, staff and delegates as to how we can continually improve the quality of our offering.


We believe that innovation is fundamental to effective learning and to SMT remaining competitive. We continually work with our customers to refine our service model and to identify more effective ways to deliver training, reduce training time, improve the efficiency of the training supply chain and improve the value delivered back to our customers. We deliver theoretical learning through the most efficient blend of self-study, instructor-led training and eLearning. Importantly, we ensure that the practical, competence-based training that we deliver is always relevant to the audience, engaging and most importantly, delivered to the highest standard of safety.



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